Three Common Tractors for Your Farming Operation

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There are diverse machines required in an agricultural setting, and the right equipment for your farm will depend on the type of operation. One of the most critical machines in a general farming property is the tractor. This is powerful vehicle which is designed to carry out assorted tasks in the farm. Unlike regular vehicles, this equipment is engineered to move at low speeds so that it can deliver maximum power through the attached equipment. If you are thinking about investing in a quality farm tractor, consider choosing one of these outlined machines.


The utility tractor is designed and constructed as a general purpose implement in the agricultural setting. The vehicle can deliver high tractive torque to perform numerous tasks in the farm optimally. Ideally, this type of tractor is suitable for your farm if you carry out ploughing, planting, harvesting and weeding tasks. It can also be used in driving some equipment attachments such as front-end loaders and sub-soilers. If you want a tractor for landscaping, consider choosing a compact utility tractor. The design is similar to the standard size alternative, but it is lighter to prevent damage of lawns. Inquire about the compact options, and compare with the standard utility before purchase.

Row Crop

As implied, the row crop tractor is perfect for your agricultural operation if you deal with large-scale crop cultivation. This tractor can meet all your crop maintenance needs, particularly when compared to the general purpose utility. This equipment has relatively high ground clearance to allow the vehicle to navigate growing plants. This property also makes it easier for the driver to steer the tractor and even make shorter turns. Generally, you can utilise this tractor in harrowing, planting, ploughing, weeding and even pulling seed drills. In addition, you can run other farm implement including threshers and water umps using the machinery.

Implement Carrier

If you are more interested in utilising farming attachments, consider choosing an implement carrier tractor. It is specially designed to handle heavy equipment, and it can be used in place of diverse types of machines. The vehicle is built like a regular tractor, but the chassis is extended for easy mounting of the attachments. Common implements that you can use include rotary sweepers, loaders, sprayers and even seed drills.

There are other specialty tractors in the market to consider for purchase if your budget can accommodate the expenses. Basically, a specialty machine is designed for agricultural tasks that require a customised approach. Common specialty tractors include orchard, garden and precision agriculture tractors. Check Massey Ferguson tractors sales or the sales of other brands.